Development of Scaled Airframe for UAM



Design, make, fly, and control a scaled airframe for UAM eVTOL

UAM full scale scenario

Preliminary Design

Rotor Tilting System Development


Variable Pitch Motor-propeller System Development

Developed 3-blade collective pitch motor-propeller system with maximum 68 N thrust.

developing variable pitch mechanism using robot servo and swash


Developed logger and wind blower to test and collect data of the propulsion system under wind inflow condition. The logger recoerds 11 parameters: thrust, torque, vibration, motor RPM, motor temperature, voltage, current, airspeed(behind the thruster), pitch servo position(PWM), pitch servo load, and noise. And the wind blower can make wind upto 12 m/s for 30 minutes.

data logger of the thrust test for motor-propeller system with variable pitch
thrust test setting with data logger and wind blower

The test result is on analysis.

test result of thrust about RPM according to various propeller pitches and inflow speed

Prototype development

Prototype subscale aircraft is on building with carbon composite.

Korea Aerospace University