Parameter ID



Identifying the aerodynamic derivatives for small Fixed-wing model aircraft

Experimental Platform

Freewing F-22 Raptor scaled model
Model scale: 1/13
Wingspan: 1060mm
Length: 1500mm
Empty weight: 2.96kg

Experimental Test-bed (Scaled F22)

On-board Avionics
Pixhawk Autopilot (Pixhawk 4)
VN200 Inertial Measurement Unit
Custom built airdata computer
Airboom with AOA/AOS vane

On-board Avionics for Experimental platform

On-board Avionics interface diagram

In-house Airdata Computer

USART interface to Flight control computer (Full duplex 115200 bps)
Two absolute encoders interface (SSI interface for digital encoder)
Two barbed pressure ports (Static and Dynamic)

3D PCB model and manufactured board

Airboom calibration (Courtesy of Sejong University)

Simulation-based parameter identification

PILS (Processor-in-the-loop Simulation) environment
Configuration: Pixhawk (processor) / Simulink (data interface) / X-plane (Dynamics model)

Processor-in-the-loop Simulation environment

Custom X-plane model for Scaled F-22 Aircraft

Flight experiments for parameter ID

Automated flight sequence design

Flight sequence for Parameter identification

Model comparison with the flight test data
Parameter identification using “Prediction Error Minimization Method”

Flight test results for parameter ID



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김수현(Kim Su Hyeon)
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Korea Aerospace University