Design and Development of Cubesat 

2015 큐브위성 경연대회 최종 선정 팀 < 미래창조과학부 >

Mission Statement:

  1. Design and Development of a 2U CubeSat for observing Transient Luminous Events (TLEs; Mega-Lighting) from Low-Earth-Orbit


Value Remark
Size 100x100x227 mm 2U
Mass 2.05kg 2U
Required Power 10.64 Watt Mission Mode
(per Orbit)
Available Power 11.766 Watt Sun Pointing
(16 Solar cells)
Communication VHF Command Uplink 1200 bps
UHF Mission & Telemetry Downlink 9600 bps
UHF Beacon 9600 bps
Attitude Determination Fine Sun Sensor

3-axis IMU

Space heritage GPS

EKF, TRIAD Algorithm
Accuracy ±2° RMS Dynamic accuracy
Attitude Control 3-axis attitude control 4 micro-VSCMGs
Slew rate 3 deg/sec (Max)
Payload CMOS Imager VGA, 40FPS
Image processor System On Chip (FPGA)
MaPMT detector 8×8 Array

Design for Real-time Object Detection and Tracking using SoC

ADS-B 기반 무인항공기 충돌회피시스템 개발  <산업통상자원부>


Design of HILS Environment for Multi-UAVs

ICT 융합기반 무인항공기 협동 운용시스템 개발 <산업통상자원부>

Korea Aerospace University